Frequently Asked Questions

TokenRush is a community where users get Tokens and rewards for various actions. You can read more here.
Simply register with an username and a password and start making actions on the website (inviting users, playing games, collecting cards, completing offers, etc.). Each action will be rewarded in Tokens.
Anybody who agrees with our Terms and Conditions and is not prohibited by the laws of their jurisdiction can join this website.
We allow only one account per individual.
TokenRush has a Store where you can exchange your Tokens into various rewards. You can buy various website features, crypto, games, gift cards and similar items.
Items sell out because there are many users who want them. The store works on a first-come first-serve basis. However, we constantly add fresh items. Visit the store constantly to not miss the next batch of items and get your rewards!
Some features of the website are accessible only to certain level users. Higher level also means you receive more Tokens as a free daily bonus and get a mining boost. To increase your level, complete as many achievements as possible (see "Progress" when logged in).
Monster cards are highly collectible items available only on TokenRush. Each monster has unique features (body, eyes, ears, color, etc.). They are generated randomly and have six rarity levels. The higher the rarity level is, the more valuable is your collection! Each card can be kept in your collection, traded with others or permanently destroyed for Tokens.
No, all transactions between users are immediate and irreversible. Make sure to always double check whom you are sending your items to!
Send a detailed information about it and your username to [email protected] (only bug inquiries are allowed for this address). We will reward you with Tokens if the information proves to be useful.
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