Here at TokenRush we earn Tokens for every action and exchange them into cool rewards!

It all started when we decided to revolutionize the concept of rewards sites. We have introduced a unique Token system which is based on every user's actions online. It is designed to reward you for activity on TokenRush and to be integrated into other projects as well.

Our focus is not on simply rewarding the users. The main goal is to build a strong community and our Token system is a perfect medium for this. It gives everyone an equal chance and at the same time ensures that the most active users get the most.

Each user action is converted into Tokens. Playing games, visiting links, completing offers, mining and similar things always reflect in your wallet. In short, the more time you spend on the website the more Tokens you get!

Tokens can be traded among the users or spent at an internal TokenRush Store. The Store gets constantly refilled with new items. In the future we are planning to have even more partnerships with various providers to ensure that we never run out of goods and places to use your Tokens!

Later Tokens are planned to expand outside the TokenRush borders and to be integrated into external services. We are constantly reporting our progress on developing TokenRush in our Blog posts - check it out to not miss the next big thing!

TokenRush is just starting and it is in one of the fastest growing stages. You are lucky to have a chance of joining early and starting to accumulate the precious capital now!

-TokenRush team

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